Updated July 10, 2005

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Ok here is a link to the slippers:

click here for the pattern and picture

Now, here is how my slippers looked (June 22, 2005):

Ok first I did cast on 5 stitches like the pattern says. Remember I'm using a Bond Ultimate Sweater Machine instead of hand knitting, because I don't know how to hand knit and even if I did, my elbow can't take that repetitive stuff anymore.

So I used Bernat yarn which is similar to Red Heart. I cast on 5 stitches and knit 6 rows with keyplate 3. For the increases to 22 stitches I moved the last stitch farthest away from the carriage to the next needle, and picked up the stitch on the empty needle. I hate increasing. It never looks good and you can see that in the first picture:

What you see in this picture is the completed but not sewn together slipper with waste yarn.

The next step says to increase in each stitch. Well I didn't know how to do that so what I did was knit a few rows of waste yarn, then rehung the stitches on every other needle so that I would have an increase in each stitch. That actually worked out ok except it was hard to knit the first row because of how tightly the stitches were stretched.

For knit 2, purl 2 for 6" I was able to figure out from the picture that knit/purl meant ribbing. So I knitted 30 rows, then did ribbing. I went to the 4th stitch in, unraveled 27 stitches, and then latched them up. Did that in the 5th stitch, 8 & 9, 12 & 13, 16 & 17, 20 & 21, 24 & 25, 28 & 29, 32 & 33, 36 & 37, 40 & 41. Then I knit 3 rows plain so that there were 3 rows plain on top and bottom of the ribbing.

To knit 2 together to get back down to 22 stitches was not too bad but I'm glad I bought those 2 prong and 3 prong transfer tools because otherwise that would have been a bigger nightmare. I just moved stitches over so each needle had 2 stitches on it.

For the decrease a stitch each row I just did like I did for increasing--used the 2nd stitch farthest away from the carriage. That wasn't too hard.

Finished slipper:

It kind of looks like a purse or a basket! lol. But wait until you see what it looks like on my foot. ugh!

The strap of the "knit 6 rows" is too big. I think next time I would not knit 6 rows on both ends. In fact, next time what I think I will do is start at 44 stitches, but start with waste yarn. Then do the 6", do the ribbing, do the decrease all the way down to the 5 stitches. Then I would cast off, rehang, and start over with the decrease part, *if* I need it. I might only need just that one strap. I'm going to work on that some more this week. I'm determined to make something that works this week!

June 23, 2005

What I did with the purple slipper is cast on 44 stitches, knit waste yarn, knit 30 rows. I did the ribbing in 27 rows 2x2. Then I knit 3 more rows, then did the decreasing all the way down to the 6 rows of 5 stitches. Then I rehung it from the other end, hanging 2 stitches on each needle so I had 22 needles. I knit one row. Then I decreased one stitch, knit a row, all the way until I had 17 stitches. Then I bound off and sewed up the sides, and then decided where I wanted the strap. This one fits good but I am trying to decide how to do a second slipper so that strap also matches? Like I don't want the straps going both the same way. The next one I want the strap to go towards the right.

This time I used Caron Simply Soft but also the keyplate 3. So I think the knit is looser than with the Bernat and keyplate 3. It fits pretty good. I wear a size 7.5 to size 8 in women's shoes.

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