Updated March 24, 2016

Oh my gosh! I want this Barbie! She's called Blue Brocade #25 I think. (No, I don't collect Barbies. And no, I don't really like the new Barbies. Barbie is supposed to be unreasonably thin with unreasonable big um well, she's supposed to be sexy. If you want a non-sexy doll buy something else! Barbie is SUPPOSED to be glamorous! We don't watch Cinderella thinking the prince is going to marry her if she looks like us, do we?

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I watched a good movie in December . . . Maleficent (I watched it again 7-26-15--it's still a good movie!)

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Sorry for the missing pictures. I'll have to reupload them to my new server (when I can find the originals argh!).
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This is a latch hook rug kit I made for a friend:
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I enjoy making things. Recently I made this sweater for my son, since he is into hooded shirts and camoflage.

This sweater was made with Bernat worsted weight yarn.

I also like to sew. I had gotten a Brother 270D for Christmas but it turned out to be defective. I took it back and got my money back, and was able to get a real deal on a Brother 6500 which I really haven't used much yet.

I like to sew and machine knit for my son and for my little 18" dolls.
This is the dress I just finished this week

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